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You care about mental health and the impact your business has on the emotional well-being others.

You want to do this right.

Next on your to-do list? Hiring a licensed, experienced psychotherapist to help you make sure your VALUES of supporting people with mental health concerns are aligned with your CONTENT AND COMPANY CULTURE.

Hello! I'm Ann

My 15+ years of experience as a licensed psychotherapist has trained me to excel at connecting with people -both IRL and through the written word. 

I'm a creative problem solver and helper at heart, and I thrive when I'm...

  • Enhancing the emotional well-being of anyone, whether it's your potential customer, community member, or employee.

  • Developing easy-to-understand explanations for complex concepts.

  • Crafting and reviewing thoughtful content that is accurate, timely, and sensitive to the experiences of people from all walks of life. 

I excel when supporting mission-driven organizations in expanding their reach, increasing access to care, scaling services in an intentional way, and providing their clientele, community, and followers with accurate, strategic, engaging mental health content.


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About You

You want to make the world a better place and started a company to do that. You understand the important role mental health plays in people's lives and have a passion for using technology in innovative ways to address the growing mental health needs in our society.


You understand that by holding conversations around mental health among your community and consumers, you are inviting in an opportunity for maximum emotional impact and connection to your brand as well as vulnerability and harm if done without sensitivity.


You aim to create a positive impact on your community, increase consumer engagement, and enhance brand loyalty through thoughtful mental health-related content and programming. 

You're looking for a seasoned professional with great communication skills and extensive experience broaching a broad variety of topics related to mental health for support in realizing your vision.

Let's Talk!

Based in Missoula, MT, USA

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