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 Approach mental health content with the sensitivity it deserves.

The current mental health crisis means the need for accurate,
high-quality mental health content
has never been higher. 

Talking about mental health

requires sensitivity and expertise only a

licensed mental health professional possesses.

A glimpse of what Ann does...

  • Proofread clinical content -including AI-generated copy- for errors, inaccuracies, and other ethical and clinical concerns.

  • Write captivating clinical content -from SEO-driven blog posts to email sequences and everything in between. You can find samples of my work here and here.

  • Create compelling in-product content -to provide maximum impact while maintaining adherence to strict ethical and clinical guidelines.

  • Craft engaging employee-directed content -filled with tips, skills, actionable steps, and expert guidance on sensitive but common issues workers face.

Good things to say about working with Ann

"Ann is a brilliant writer with clinical training. Her writing is approachable and relatable while still being clinically appropriate and accurate. Plus she’s a joy to work with. We’ve loved working with Ann and can’t wait for more opportunities to do so again."

Ryan Schwartz, CEO of Mental Health Match

Companies I've worked with

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Let's Talk!

Licensed in California

Based in Missoula, MT, USA

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